Are individual septic systems bad for the environment?

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Large-scale septic systems in the form of water treatment plants for cities are extremely successful in effectively treating the wastewater that cities produce, and rendering it safe to be recycled into the environment. They are safe because both state and national protocols ensure compliance with the necessary treatment standards.

Small scale septic tank systems for individual households can be equally effective at safely reducing and/or eliminating bacterial pollution in the water, but only if they are maintained properly so that they work correctly. However, because they are under individual control, it is far more difficult to monitor these systems. This is why owners of private septic systems must be vigilant and proactive when it comes to taking responsibility for maintenance.

Maintaining your septic tank and system is critical to protecting the environmental health that ensures your own health and wellbeing. When you don’t maintain your septic tank and drainfield well, you risk your family’s health, your neighbor’s health, the water table, and the entire area where you live.

Another important reason to maintain your septic system is to save money. Regular inspections and maintenance a septic is the primary key to a problem-free, low-cost septic system. Repairing or replacing a septic system can cost thousands of dollars, plus – it lowers the value of your property, and in many states, puts you at fault legally, which means you are liable for cleanup costs and/or penalties for polluting.

Ironically, maintaining most septic systems is a simple matter of more careful monitoring and adhering to regular inspections and pumping of your system. Even older systems will last more than the conservative estimate of 20 years with the right kind of care and attention. For more information on maintaining septic systems

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